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Etobicoke HVAC Repair Company


FAST Same Day response for Etobicoke residential / commercial customers!

At Intercity Heating and Cooling we make 100% customer satisfaction a normal part of our every day practice. As your premier Etobicoke HVAC repair company, we offer trustworthy service with technicians are trained and experienced - ready to offer residential and commercial customers the finest in air conditioning, heating and indoor air quality products and services.

We understand that each customer situation is unique, and we recommend the ideal product solutions and services to ensure you are experiencing reliable and efficient indoor comfort year round.

Air Conditioning Service Etobicoke

We install highly efficient air conditioners / heat pumps with R-410A refrigerant and high SEER ratings. Intercity Heating and Cooling HVAC technicians have the experience required to do proper installations. We can evaluate your entire HVAC system - things like sealing. insulation and ductwork - to ensure you are obtaining maximum efficiency from your indoor comfort system.

Etobicoke HVAC Repair Company

Etobicoke Heating

During the frigid winter months, Intercity Heating and Cooling is here to ensure that you are kept warm and comfortable. Our technicians can service / repair any brand of furnace (or heat pump), and we offer superior new products with high efficiency ratings (AFUE) that can help substantially lower your utility bills!

Indoor Air Quality

EPA studies have proven indoor air to be several more times polluted than the air outdoors. Modern homes and buildings are great at sealing out the elements, but this in turn recycles toxins, bacteria and mold into the air you breath. We provide indoor air quality solutions that integrate into your HVAC system ( advanced filters, UV lamps, humidifiers and ventilators ). Indoor Air Quality products work together to purify your air - just one portion isn't enough to do the job right. HVAC Maintenance

We want to help you avoid events like a dead air conditioner in the middle of July by taking advantage of our quarterly maintenance services. Your heating and air conditioning system is just like your automobile - neglect leads to decreased performance, efficiency and reliability. Intercity Heating and Cooling quarterly maintenance service will keep your system running like it is supposed to which means lower utility bills, fewer problems and longer system life! Gas Line Barbeque

Have you ever been grilling for company or family and half way through your propane tank runs out? Not a good day. We encourage you to consider a Gas Line Barbeque! That same meal prepared on a gas barbeque tastes like one prepared with propane - without the hassle and inconvenience of propane. Call us to find out about hassle free Gas Line Barbeque today!

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Do you have an existing heating and cooling system that is not giving efficient performance or is in need of repair/replacement? We will come evaluate your HVAC system free of charge and show you best options for efficient, reliable heating and cooling!

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