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Gas Piping & Gas Line Stove


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Gas is an efficient and clean fuel. Water heaters, furnaces and a gas line stove are just a few of the common appliances in households powered by this fuel source. Intercity Heating and Cooling has extensive experience with gas piping, testing and repair in the Toronto area (including surrounding areas such as Etobicoke, Mississauga, York, North York and Vaughan).

Gas Line BBQ

Intercity Heating and Cooling knows the unmatched pleasure of a grilled meal on a summer evening. But grilling can be a hassle when your propane tank runs out right in the middle of meal preparation while your guests are ready to eat! Consider a Gas Line BBQ! That same steak or seafood prepared on a gas line BBQ tastes like one prepared on a propane BBQ - without the hassle and inconvenience of propane.

Gas Line Stove & Installation

Those who love to cook understand the beauty of a gas line stove. You obtain much better control of your heating than you can with an electric stove. Intercity Heating and Cooling specializes in prepping your home and installing a gas line stove so you can experience the finest in cooking ease.

Remember that trying to work on your home lines if you are not trained can prove to be a costly mistake. Incorrect installation, testing and repairs can even lead to dangerous consequences - nobody wants that! Trust the expertise of Intercity Heating and Cooling and keep your house up to code and your family safe. Our skilled fitters and plumbers have the experience needed to take care of all of your needs, and we work in your home as if it were our very own.

Toronto Gas Line Installation

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